AWS Certification Exam Preparation: Tips and Strategies for Exam Success

Neal Davis
4 min readApr 8, 2024

Achieving AWS certification is a notable milestone that can significantly advance your career in cloud computing. With the growing complexity and demand for AWS expertise, preparing for the AWS certification exam requires a structured and thoughtful approach.

This article will guide you through proven strategies and tips to enhance your preparation and confidence, ensuring you’re ready to excel in your AWS certification journey.

Comprehensive Preparation Before the Exam

Understand the Value of Consistent Learning

Rushing through AWS concepts the night before the exam is a strategy doomed to fail. AWS certifications are designed to assess a deep understanding and practical experience with the platform. This level of knowledge takes time to develop, necessitating consistent study and hands-on practice over an extended period.

Practice: The Key to Mastery

The best approach to mastering the AWS certification exam is through relentless practice and direct engagement with AWS services. Incorporate practice exams that closely simulate the real exam conditions into your study routine. Utilize high-quality, on-demand online courses that fit into your schedule, emphasizing those that offer hands-on labs and projects for practical experience.

Even better, join a lice training bootcamp program that helps you gain practical experience through intensive and more complex projects. This is the closest thing to gaining on-the-job experience and will set you up for exam scenarios that mirror real-world situations.

Dive into AWS Official Resources

Make full use of the extensive documentation provided by AWS, including FAQs, whitepapers, user guides, and developer guides. These resources are invaluable for understanding the nuances of AWS services and best practices, providing a solid foundation for your exam preparation.

Prioritize Well-being and Rest

Continuous study without adequate rest can lead to burnout and diminish your retention capacity. It’s crucial to take regular breaks during your study sessions and ensure you get enough sleep, especially in the days leading up to the exam. This strategy helps in consolidating your learning and keeps you refreshed.

Additional Time for ESL Candidates

If English isn’t your first language, AWS offers an additional 30 minutes to complete the exam. This accommodation can be crucial for thorough comprehension and review of your answers, potentially making a significant difference in your performance.

Strategies for Success on Exam Day

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

The time constraint of the AWS exam can induce stress, leading to rushed decisions. It’s essential to read each question and its options carefully, understanding the full context before answering. Quick decisions often lead to mistakes, so pace yourself and think each answer through.

Double-check Your Answers

If time permits, revisiting your answers can be incredibly valuable. AWS exams are timed, but efficiently using the allotted time to review your answers can be the difference between passing and failing. This step is crucial, especially for questions you were uncertain about.

Trust in Your Preparation

It’s common to second-guess yourself during the exam, but often, your first instinct is correct. Unless you’re sure an answer is wrong based on later recollections, stick with your initial choice. Your preparation has led you to this point; trust in it.

Make Educated Guesses

Not every question will be straightforward, and you might encounter scenarios that seem unfamiliar. In these instances, leverage your accumulated knowledge and reasoning to make the best possible guess. A well-thought-out guess is better than leaving a question unanswered.

Acknowledge the Unknown

No one can know everything, especially in an exam designed to challenge your understanding of AWS. It’s perfectly acceptable not to know the answer to every question. What’s important is to make educated guesses where possible and focus on answering the questions you are confident about.

The Advantages of Remote Exam Taking

With the advent of remote exams, AWS has made certification more accessible. Ensure your testing environment is free from distractions, check your internet connectivity, and verify your computer’s functionality well before the exam time.

Leverage Your Success

Passing your AWS certification exam is not just a personal achievement but also unlocks a 50% discount on your next exam. This incentive is a fantastic opportunity to continue your AWS learning journey, broadening your expertise and opening up new career opportunities.


Preparing for your AWS certification exam is a significant endeavor that requires dedication, strategy, and a focus on well-being. By following these guidelines, you position yourself for success, ready to join the ranks of AWS certified professionals. In an era where cloud computing is becoming increasingly central to IT infrastructure, now is the perfect time to advance your skills and knowledge in AWS.

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